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    die falsche christliche Entrückung, vollführt von fremden Aliens um die Welt vom Christentum abzubringen

    2018 - 12.28

    genuine prophecies from a german clairvoyant for the endtimes !! Prepare slowly with immigration or food stocks also in not european countries.

    2018 - 12.20

    As i am a christian Clairvoyant, i saw in the period of only 1 year (11-12) all this visions for informing you all, whats happening very soon. As the first indicator for this world wide rubble is here, you should prepare yourself with enough food for 4-6 month for suriving the apokalpyse, or you could emigrate to non western land. Prophecy and Visionary Infos can always change when you receive them, there are multiple time lines in my visions. So Hopefully nothing bad will happen for myself and either for you. Of Course you should be christian for surviving this terrible time. weiter lesen