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    2014 - 09.12

    3rd World War: The outbreak in Germany

    The old Jasper (1764-1833) saw the World War III as follows: “From the east this war will break out before East I frightened This war will very quickly break the evening you will say, ‘Peace, peace, and there is no peace,… and in the morning are the enemies before the door, but it’s soon over, and is sure who age a few T a good hiding white The flight will be very fast you throw carts and wheel into the water, or else take the fleeing enemy.. All wagon with. Before the war a general infidelity will happen, people will spend wickedness of virtue and honor, cheating for meter maid. In the years, where the war breaks out, such a beautiful spring will be that in April the cows already in full grass go. The grain is you can still enter, but no longer the oats. “
    The blind boy: “A new war will break out, this will be the shortest People will destroy the world and the world will destroy the people..”Brother Adam, another seer, reported that he had in 1949 a Virgin Mary apparition. After she complained that humanity is their exhortations to conversion failed, she said the following: “And here’s what I wanted to avoid. The great event will be fulfilled soon, very soon, the war will break out in the southeast, but that’s just a ruse This should the enemy be misled;. Russia has its plan of attack already prepared.
    Every Russian officer marching orders already in the bag and just waiting for the keyword. “
    Paulussen: “That Russia will be overshadowed by a huge famine the Russians people will take up arms ….”

    Lorraine: “Russia, coat the south of Germany.” And further in the text: “For the third event to Russia Fill in Germany, namely in the south to Chiemgau, …”

    Kremser Farmer: “He saw tanks with flat domes and he looked tracked vehicles, on which medium-range missiles were assembled..”

    Erna Brandt: “I saw Russian tanks in Rottenburg (Neckar) march It was on a cloudy day, the streets were damp, fog lay over the landscape, but there was rain or snow when I woke up, I still had the uncanny.. rattle of tanks in the ear. Also I heard the roar of approaching aircraft. “

    Onit: “Ten million men will leave with 800 armored divisions from the East to the West and to Calais and Italy vormarschieren.”

    The unknown author: Russia takes a Belgrade France, Rome pulls into. Quick as lightning strikes the Red Army Deutsches country ohn fright ‘defense, panic paralyzes the friends of power, it embraces her death overnight.

    Mühlhiasl: “a road is up from Straubing to Pilmersberg built and on the road you will come out once, the Reds, the Rotjankerl … and over the Hühnerkobl and over the Falkenstein and on the take vengeance they will come …. Overnight it will happen … the mountains will be completely black from people … at an inn in Zwiesel, at a bridge, many people will be together, and outside the soldiers will ride past. When they come but, it is necessary to run away ,

    When asked whether it then maybe you could be the French because of their red uniform pants that attack, the seer said: “The French are not, but red Jankerl have on it, the Reds have it.”

    The Düsseldorf Capuchin Father: “A serious war will break out in the south, spread to the east and north, the monarch (government) will be killed Wilde crowds will flood Germany and come to the Rhine you are murdering, ravaging and burning of desire… so that mothers in despair because they see everywhere facing death, will pounce with their babies into the water “.

    And we learn from Irlmaier: “Start doing the from sunrise (from the East) He comes quickly, therefore the farmers sit playing cards at the inn because the foreign soldiers look through the windows and doors All Black comes in an army column of… East, but it all goes very quickly. A three seh ‘but I know not, are’s three days or three weeks. From the Golden City (Prague) it comes from. The first worm (attack wedge) goes from the blue waters (Danube) northwest to the Swiss border ‘. Until Regensburg is no bridge over the Danube, south of the blue water (the Danube north of Chiemgau) they do not come. “

    In Nostradamus puts it in verse TV / 22:
    The large military force is sent home (USA)
    But shortly after it, the rulers needed (Germany)
    The promised reward long ago is broken (no intervention of the United States)
    Naked, he is (the rulers) look at in abject confusion.

    Assuming that the verse is assigned correctly, it concerns with the military force well to the USA, which is withdrawn from Germany. But shortly after, she is said to have Germany sorely needed, namely when the aggressor from the East invaded Germany. But apparently the United States will not hold their promised aid and Germany must look for yourself how it can handle. It stands literally naked.

    Nostradamus to in verse XI / 29:
    The Griffin (West Germany) can / should be adjusted in order to resist the enemy and reinforce well his army,
    Otherwise the Elephant will come He will in one fell swoop to surprise him, Six hundred and eight, the sea aflame. The Nostradamus researcher Konrad Klee has decrypted this verse: The griffin is the emblem of the Federal Republic of Germany. The elephant stands for the Russian steamroller and elsewhere in Nostradamus as a cipher also for Russia. Also presented pictorially fit dieser.Vergleich: like a thundering herd of elephants break to Germany in. The gun barrels collected as the trunk of the elephant.

    And in verse Nostradamus V / 94:
    Translate it is hypocritical in the great Germany, Brabant and Flanders, Geneva, Bruges and Boulogne.The truce, the great leader of Armenia is going to attack Vienna and Cologne.

    Loosely translated, one could say: you bet in the big (reunited) Germany about, then to Brabant and Flanders, to Geneva, Bruges and Boulogne: The truce is apparently only a ruse. The great leader of Armenia (Russia) takes Vienna (Austria) and Cologne (Rhineland) on.

    “The mountains are black with people.” Next the Mühlhiasl People are fleeing into the mountains. “The Leut ‘that hide the fox bar or at Falkenstein will be spared.” It can not be assumed that the population would be spared in Germany before the invading aggressors from the East. Who does not flee to come. “So much fire and so much iron has never seen a human being.”

    Brother Adam: “The main thrust is first to Sweden and then directed against Norway and Denmark … At the same time parts of the Russian Army by West Prussia, Saxony and Thuringia will advance to the Lower Rhine to eventually dominate from Calais, the Channel coast in the south is. the Soviet army on Yugoslav border encounter. Your armies will join forces to invade in common in Greece and Italy. “

    Erna Stieglitz:… “The central attack against Western Europe takes place in three huge shock wedges The first is to advance out of the room Stettin-Berlin to Lübeck, Hamburg and the Netherlands, the second from the area of ​​Saxony and Dresden to the Ruhr The third spearhead is to Bohemian . befall Bavaria and strive for the Upper Rhine An unimaginable mass of tanks rolled to the mountain ranges of Switzerland past down to Lyon NATO troops are concentrated on a small number of defense facilities Defense rooms are called:.. Ruhrgebiet and the Netherlands, then Bavaria, the Alps and the Switzerland, as well as the southern French Rhone region. “

    Irlmaier:.. “Everything will happen so unexpectedly that the population flees in wild panic to the west Many cars will clog the roads – if they would but stayed at home or evaded on land What is an obstacle on motorways and expressways for the rapidly advancing tanks tops , is crushed. “

    Stockert. “Tanks sweeping across Germany … tanks will come from east and drive with great speed to the west Where to face obstacles in their way, they do with great superiority of everything to the ground in three moves they move west, to. the North Sea, to central Germany and in the south along the Alps, as far as I can remember. Out of fear, people flee to the West. In France the streets of fugitives and of cars will be clogged and there is no before and no going back. Men and women are forcibly incorporated into the enemy army, and whoever refuses will
    shot. O, how much suffering comes to Germany. Much blood will flow in the streets. Food and everything that the enemy army needs, the population will be expropriated. The armored trains the Russians will come untill Rhine. The whole country is murder teem with foreign soldiers and everyone will and raping women as he wants the people will otherwise have no ownership or something, many will have no more homes and live in hiding. “

    Sepp Wudy says in 1914 the 100 years older than the prophecies Mühlhiasl that were familiar to him:

    “It will come, as it has the Storm Berger said, but he did not say anything, or they did not understand it because it is much worse:.. The Šumava will be once scorched like a straw Schübel race not it when the gray birds (Standard color of fighter aircraft) flying, elsewhere it’s even worse. “

    Nostradamus: “. From the Black Sea and the large Tartarensteppe a ruler will come to France, it is the Caucasus and Armenia pass through and leave bloody traces in Turkey” The leader of the East will depart from his country to cross the Apennines and to come to France. He will cross the sky and and make the rivers and the snow all countries to pay tribute. “

    If we follow the Seherschauungen are expected to draw three spearheads through Central Europe.

    After Irlmaier, the three army columns folgendermaßenauf: “The attack comes from the East; it’s overnight going on and it goes very quickly the first worm goes through Berlin to the West, the middle of the area of ​​Saxony also over the Rhine, the third out.. the Prague room through the Bavarian Forest. It crosses not the Danube, but goes to the northwest. “

    A fourth is at the same time, starting from Yugoslavia, penetrate to northern Italy. He splits: while some of the troops continue to march to the south of France, Rome is the destination for the rest.

    Elena Aiello: “Russia will invade every country in Europe, especially in Italy, and his banner is on the dome of St. Peter Dome labor.”

    Rosa Kolumba Asdente: “The Russians and Prussians are Italy with war you will use the churches as stables; in the new monastery church in Taggia they will cease their horses..

    Nostradamus: “After the attack on Paris and the attack on Rome will take place on the sea, a large raid.”

    Johansson: “Through Hungary, Austria, Northern Italy and Switzerland, the red storm tide is rolling against France The local American arsenal will fall into the hands of the East, Germany is under attack from the east German will fight against Germans marriage…”

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